Thursday, February 9, 2017

{39 Week Bump}

How far along?: 39 weeks!
Total weight gain?: 24 pounds.
Size of baby?: Baby is the size of a pumpkin! Pretty positive that it actually looks like I swallowed a pumpkin lol. 20 inches and 7.3 pounds!
Maternity clothes?: Just my leggings, but I wear the same outfits over and over, as you guys have probably noticed. ;)
Stretch marks?: Sure enough. Mine with Henry faded, hopefully these will too?!
Sleep: I am always so tired, but it's hard to fall asleep and even harder to stay asleep!
Best moment this week: All this time with Henry has been so good for us. <3
Miss anything?: I miss not hurting when I bend over. The struggle is real. Thank you to everyone who has bent over to pick things up for me lately. Hahahaha.
Movement?: Nonstop, which isn't it supposed to slow down when she's ready to come? Slow down, baby girl!!!
Food cravings: Anything in sight. I don't know how I'm going to go back to eating like a normal person. The other day (I kid you not) Sean said to me, "You don't even look pregnant until you see your belly, which is surprising because you eat like an elephant!" lolololololololol I can't make this stuff up, people. 
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Sometimes just the way it feels like she is stretching my belly so far out can make me so queasy. It feels like she's going to push her way right out of my belly and it stretches the skin so much more than it is meant to be. hashtag painful.
Gender: GIRL <3 <3 <3
Labor signs: Nothing crazy. A couple contractions. Today the doctor told me I was dilated to a centimeter. MERP. That's nothing lol, especially when his exact words were, "I think you have some time left in you." Thanks, Doc.
SymptomsI feel like such a sis saying all of them, but I really experience majority of the symptoms throughout each day.
Belly button in or out?: Neither lol. It's completely even with my tummy. Today I thought Henry told me that it was gross, but he said, "no mom, I said it's clooooossssed." Phew, dodged a bullet there lol.
Happy or moody most of the time?: Happy. It was the sweetest thing today...Henry is headed out of town with his dad and Sean and I were just having small talk about Luce's arrival and Henry thought that we meant she was coming this weekend and he was so bummed! "But I want to be here when baby sister comes and all that!!!" I told him not to worry that she wasn't coming this weekend and if she did he would meet her just as soon as he got back! He is so very ready to meet her. It absolutely warms my soul and makes me so hopeful.
Melissa Loren

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