Sunday, February 5, 2017

{Gifts for a new mama}

I've done this before, but we have had plenty more followers join us in the last few years, PLUS my idea of postpartum gifts has changed quiiiiiiite a bit!

First things first, please come bearing beverages. Preferably caffeinated beverages(team no sleep), but alcoholic will not be turned away. lol. Coffee is great, but I really do love the idea of Spark, because if you're avoiding dairy while nursing(which I will be), it's dairy-free and adds vitamins and minerals to your daily boost. So it gives you energy and it's nutritious. That's not a plug, Spark really does leave me feeling more focused than coffee ever does. I'm an iced latte drinker, that's why I mention the dairy in coffee.

Ok, now that we have caffeine and wine out of the way, please bring the things like numbing spray, stool softeners and padsicles. I probably would've been embarrassed by that a few years ago, but once you've been stitched from front to back, not been able to sit comfortably for weeks and have worn your postpartum underwear for 6 months, you have no shame. ;-D lol
 Nipple cream, nursing pads, regular pads, none of it is off limits. ;)

CASSEROLES. Any dish that is easy to throw in the oven or heat up. Something that freezes for later. Or their favorite meal! Chipotle, a Panera salad, something ok for mama and peanut.

Ok, now for the fun stuff. Maybe a fresh, new candle. Housework will be put to the side for a while and those dirty diapers will be piling up so mama will love to smell something other than poo and old milk lol. Maybe a fun new shirt for mama or babe. Think about something lose, mom might not be ready to flaunt her curves just yet. I'm loving that 'blessed mama' one above! A fun onesie or toy for baby is of course a sweet gesture. I've also been told that if there is a toddler in the house, they shouldn't be left out. A little something for the big brother or big sister will make their day and remind them that they're still just as loved. <3
You're obviously never obligated to bring a gift. Mama is always thankful that you're willing to come visit, listen to her vent and snuggle on her babe. A gift is just a nice gesture and sometimes puts the biggest smile on a new mama's face.

If you are, or have been a new mama, I'd love to hear some of the best things you've received after birthing a child. It can totally be as simple as a shoulder to lean on! We've all been there. I'd also love to hear from my gifters!!! You make the world go round and keep us feeling loved and appreciated. <3
Melissa Loren

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