Tuesday, February 14, 2017

{Henry's Favorite Pastime}

I cannot tell you how good it has been to soak up some quality time with my first little love here recently. We both definitely needed this time together. 
You guys have seen way too many "feed the elk" posts from us, but it has always been one of Henry's favorite things to do.  Plus when you add me actually snapping photos + gorgeous weather, it's nonnegotiable, you're getting another one. ;)
You guys can see the pure joy on Henry's face. He loves to be outdoors and he loves to ask you, "Wanna see how fast I can go?!" <3
The only time he lost his smile was for a split second when the bull elk started pushing his horns through the fence because we were out of carrots. Grump. The look on Henry's face is priceless lol. Straight concern, aaaaannnd then right back to running around! 
This boy. What am I going to do with him, y'all? Lock him up and throw away the key, I suppose. ;)
Melissa Loren

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