Tuesday, February 21, 2017

{Our First Night Home}

We brought Miss Luce Colette home from the hospital this past Sunday. We were so overjoyed and ready to bust out of the hospital. We were more than ready to show off our little nugget and spend some quality time snuggling her! I felt like for our first night home we were maybe overachievers, but the weather was so beautiful, we could't resist. Which is crazy to me, because after giving birth to Henry, I couldn't do half of the things I did this time. I wouldn't have, I couldn't have, there's just no way! BUT my labor and delivery was extremely different this time. I'll be sure to write a birth story for you guys soon. We went straight from the hospital to Sean's brother's house for a last minute family bbq. Afterwards, our first night was spent introducing Henry and Luce to one another and nursing, nursing, nursing. Luckily Henry bathed and went down without a hitch, so that just left us to figure out how things would go with Luce. Three years doesn't seem like much time, but man, for me, it's hard to remember any of the things I did with Henry in the beginning. Plus their temperaments are so different that it probably wouldn't matter anyway. So far she is similar to Henry in that she nurses 24/7 and she likes to be held. In the first couple of nights it has been a struggle to get her to sleep anywhere but on me. It's early though and we're bonding and sleeping safely, so I'll take the cuddles. We spent our first full day at home visiting Target, the mall so Henry could play, and Buy Buy Baby so I could get some pump parts (just incase). We also rented some movies and ordered pizza. Once again Henry went to bed without a peep and Luce and I stayed up trying to get a better latch and bonding even more. And one a.m. is about the time that reality hit me like a bus. It became evident that we had been pretty lucky up to this point. I mean, it was only night two so we hadn't really had *that* much luck lol. The exhaustion had caught up with me, I was stiff in the recliner with cracked, bleeding nipples that little miss still wanted nonstop, when I heard it...the bark. The barking cough that comes along with croup. Henry has had croup so many times in the past year and here it was again. His cough was nonstop and sis watch attached to me. I had to lug her with me to get Henry up and into the bathroom so that I could run a steaming hot shower to clear him out. I had to use the restroom with sis in my arms and suck Henry's boogers with sis in my arms. I kept going back and forth between feeling like supermom and feeling like the hot mess express. The good news is, the steam shower cleared Henry immediately and he was able to fall back asleep right away. Sis and I were then able to nurse and snuggle for a couple more hours before we all had to wake up and be at the hospital for a Bilirubin checkup! Life is definitely different going from one to two kids! It's an adjustment, and it's early so we still have to find our way, but we've had a taste of the good and the crazy already. As Henry would say, "there's four of us now and I love all of us!" He's always keeping that glass half full! <3
Melissa Loren

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