Sunday, February 12, 2017

{Ready To Pop!}

I have jokingly said that sweet girl wasn't allowed to come until every last goodie that I ordered for her big debut arrived. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't semi-serious lol. What's funny is it seemed like I had a slight issue with everything I purchased. I had ordered this fun light box for her monthly updates months ago from Brickyard Buffalo and when I received it there was a huge crack in it. I was super disappointed. Luckily I was able to ship it back and get my money back, unfortunately by the time they made the exchange they were sold out so I couldn't purchase another one. Woe is me. BUT, my bestie was able to find some at Garment District here in downtown KC. :-D Thank goodness because I was having serious regrets not having gotten one. I'm so excited to use it for Luce's monthly updates! 
I didn't have any trouble ordering or receiving my favorite headbands I found for Miss Luce, I just wanted to share them with you. I'm sure all you girl moms already know all about them, but I love these ginormous bows from Hello Miss Gorgeous! I got several, including this black and white striped one and even one with pink flamingos!
Of course most of you have seen the Freshly Picked moccs I ordered for her. $60 is so incredibly tough to let go of for something that isn't going to last very long. Well, they last a long time, our babe's feet just grow so quickly at these stages. So when FP came out with a $27 "First Pair" option I just couldn't resist. Henry had a few pairs so I really wanted sis to have a girly pair. She can of course wear big bro's when she grows into them, but this pink pair is everything. 
Then there was this beautiful swaddle from Fawn and Sage. I'm a dingleberry and didn't realize there was a 2-3 week turnaround because she hand makes every item upon request. And of course it was the last thing I ordered. *hand to forehead* She shipped it accordingly, but USPS somehow lost it for a bit and the package was delayed several days. Of course it arrived, and she's still not here, but I was totally sweating it lol.
Last but not least, this adorable little onesie. I had looked all over for a welcome onesie, but everything was so expensive. I've already clearly spent enough on this child so I wasn't really wanting to spend $45 on a newborn set-no matter how cute it was. I almost bought a Cricut and made my own (which I'm still tempted to do lol), but my friend was able to find a neighbor who makes all sorts of goodies and she came pretty dang close to what I wanted, and for $10 you can't ask for more!  It would be so nice to make my own though. Right? I think so lol.
Melissa Loren

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