Friday, February 24, 2017

{Week Old Luce}

7 Things About Luce On Her 7th Day of Life:
1. She is a ridiculously happy and easy going baby.
2. She loves her beauty rest! She's a sleepy little nugget.
3. She's an excellent nurser, but she has a tongue-tie like momma and big brother, so it's terribly painful for me. She's a rockstar though.
4. Her sneezes come in 4's.
5. She is attached to the blanket that has made an appearance in every photo pictured. It is so cozy and soft, so I can't blame her.
6. She loves car rides. 
7. She has already begun showing us a little smirk. There is nothing better. I can't wait to see that big ol smile.

Seven days and we are completely smitten with our girl. Henry has complete adoration for her and just wants to hold and kiss her at all times. She is an absolute doll and the perfect addition to our family! <3

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