Sunday, February 12, 2017

{Weekend Fun}

Man it's been a long time since we've had  a weekend fun post! Cheers to having weekends back!!!!!!!! There will never be enough exclamation points for that one! 
Anyway, I'm officially 39 weeks today and meet with my doc to discuss how we're moving forward. Part of me hopes she'll speed me up a bit or she'll check and say, "you're ready!" lol Since that's kind of where we're at, I wanted to squeeze in some quality time with all the people I love. That means date night with Sean. We actually celebrated Valentine's Day a little early just incase, and because our restaurant was already full for Tuesday. It was so nice and so delicious! Saturday we had the most amazing weather, nearly 70's in February. That's unheard of in Missouri. We had to take advantage of it, so that meant lunch and a park playdate! Henry and his friend Rohen were born on the same day and now his momma and I are like 10 days apart in our second pregnancies!
Of course my best friend is leaving for Japan soon, so we had to have a little Galentine's get together. It was the absolute best, nonstop laughter. My girl friends keep me sane, positive and motivated. They're the strongest women I know and I appreciate they're ability to keep me in check and keep me going uphill. Laughing with them was just what I needed before Carly leaves and Luce arrives.
Sunday was well spent. We went on a country drive, ate tacos and napped! The country drive was so relaxing. We even saw a mama cow with her *brand* new calf and a bald eagle! I was lucky enough to snap a shot of the eagle, so very cool. Afterwards Henry and mama had a nap together, soaking up every minute just the two of us. What else are Sundays for? 
Of course I have a few photos for y'all...
Melissa Loren

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