Wednesday, February 8, 2017

{Welcoming A New Sibling}

I've read here and there that welcoming a new baby can be hard on an older sibling. While Henry seems very excited to meet his baby sister, I realize that he has been the center of everyone's attention for his whole life. He's the first grandchild on my side and we all know how "spoiled" this kid is(not rotten, just a little spoiled lol). It's definitely going to be an adjustment for him. Especially since he still says things like, "want you mom. want to sit on yours lap, mom." He's definitely a lover and needs all the attention just like his mama. It should make things interesting when I'm holding Luce or trying to nurse her. Bedtime makes me the most nervous. Eeeeew.

Ok so the main 3 things that I've read over and over are as follows:
1. Let someone else hold the baby when the older sibling visits the hospital for the first time. Big brother may or may not have seen you for several hours and they will be very excited to see you in itself! You'll need open arms to welcome them and love on them.
2. Introduce the new baby to big brother rather than the other way around. Let the newest member know how lucky he or she is to have such an incredible older sibling.
3. Have a gift from the baby for the older sibling. Something small, nothing crazy. Just a little something to really make this a warm welcome!
There maybe doesn't need to be so much thought that goes into this, I know we all bring new members into our family, but I want it to be as easy of a transition as possible. I want him to know that it is an exciting time and that he is still so very loved and that mama has more than enough room for both of her babies.
Obviously today I'm focusing on the gift part for Henry, we'll tackle the rest when Luce makes her big debut.
The gift ideas are endless. I obviously didn't want to break the bank, or set the bar too high lol. Henry is completely obsessed with band-aids lately. It's a semi-pricey obsession when he uses them like stickers. Checking out at Target with almost $12 in band-aids. COOL. lol. I can't help it though, because he loves them so much. So we had baby sister pick some of his favorite character band-aids(yes he loves Star Wars) and some new play-doh colors. It took me forever to let him play with play-doh and now it's definitely something that keeps him busy for a while. I think I've also shared a few times that he loves his TY Beanie Boos. He gets to pick them out often as presents for holidays and sometimes for good behavior(not that he needs it). He insisted on picking one out for Luce, not even knowing that she has gotten him a gift. He picked out this sweet white tiger because, "it has pink for baby sister 'cos she's a giirrrlll!!!"
Something tells me that this transition is going to be as smooth as peanut butter. ;)
Luce will be a lucky little lady!
I'd love to know if you exchanged gifts or what you did to make your transition a bit easier!
Melissa Loren

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