Wednesday, March 1, 2017

{Big Brother}

These pictures are irrelevant to anything. They're just here to show off Henry and his three year old self. He's so full of joy and life. He's always up for playing and being outside. He has the biggest heart which is why I shouldn't be surprised how well he has welcomed his baby sister into this world, and his home. He can't get enough of her. He's constantly asking to hold her and hug her. It's the sweetest when she's crying and he tells her, "it's ok baby sister, I'm here baby sister." Or when he's laying on the floor next to her saying, "baby sister, look at me! I luvs yew!" He absolutely adores her and wants all her attention. He definitely has his moments when he needs momma's love and attention, but he has been incredibly understanding and patient, especially for a three year old. I've had to remind myself to be as patient as he is at times. He's been sick for what seems like forever so I find myself being protective of Luce's health, but I just have to remember that he's excited and he doesn't know that he can pass on his germs to her. I also have to remember that nursing protected him, so hopefully it will keep Luce healthy as well. I'm thankful that Henry loves bath time, he loves to color, he can get yogurt out of the fridge all by himself and most of the time he's really good about bedtime. I'm thankful that he will pick socks out for baby sister, he'll push her swing and get her diapers for me.  He has been the best helper and it fills my love tank up! That boy is going to do big things one day and make someone very happy one of these days. I'm a very lucky mama. A very proud mama. I can't imagine a life without either of my sugies. <3
Melissa Loren

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