Wednesday, March 29, 2017

{Confessions Of A Second Time Mom}

We have had tacos all week because it's the only thing we have all the ingredients for and because they are quick and everyone will actually eat them.

We've eaten dinner in front of the tv every night. Who am I kidding, we always do that.

I haven't showered all week and probably won't until it's time for my 6 week check up on Friday.

I've rinsed more yellow poop stains out of onesies than I care to recall.

I've craved coffee but haven't had enough motivation to load two kids up for an expensive latte in the rain.

I've lost my cool way too many times this week. Ever have that moment when you have to put the baby down and walk away for a bit? Mom of the year.

I've picked Henry up from school later than I prefer. Apparently it's hard to get myself and a newborn together  before a certain time.

I have attempted the grocery store with two kiddos, several times actually. Somehow it hasn't actually been that bad, but honestly what do people do when they actually need a haul? I'd have to put her in my wrap if I actually had a substantial amount of groceries to buy. Where are we supposed to put all of the things?

There is nothing better than throwing away your peri bottle and witch hazel pads. Can I get an amen?

I asked Henry to be quiet about 50 bajillion times too many. It's so hard to keep a toddler quiet around a sleeping baby. He shouldn't have to be, but we also need Luce to get her beauty rest!!!

I'm waiting on someone to come up with a postpartum mommy makeover business. This would be something that someone would gift the postpartum momma. The business would send the full mommy makeover-hair (color, cut & style), nails, pedicure, Brazilian, spray tan, the works. I look like death and I hate it lol.

It's time to start eating healthy and working out. Get ready.

It's been a rough week. Maybe the hardest since we brought Luce home. I've snapped and I'm exhausted and there's a lot on my plate. Luce's in a developmental leap, so she has been extra fussy. I'm already feeling like I should be contributing to our family monetarily, even though I know what I'm doing at home is important, and HARD. It is just one week though. We've had 5 really good ones and have a lifetime more of good weeks.
And at least the kids are cute and as Sean said, "they're still alive!" HA. I *have* managed to keep them alive and somehow they still think the world of me. <3
Melissa Loren

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