Monday, March 27, 2017

{She's My Last Baby}

I'm currently in that "I'll never sleep again," phase. I know it's still early for sleep training or to even worry about it, but I can't help but wonder if I'll ever figure out a routine for this girl. Right now her and I sleep on the couch together. Which is actually and upgrade from the recliner. Don't judge me for co-sleeping. It's actually the last thing I ever wanted to do, BUT we don't have an extra bedroom and even if we did, it wouldn't matter. This girl will not sleep anywhere but on/with me. Occasionally for daytime naps I can sneak her in the rock n play, but at night I can only do that if I want to be up every 45 minutes or so. I can't do that, no one will survive. I need my sleep. So I take one for the team and snuggle her all night. She goes much longer stretches this way and will just roll over and nurse as needed. I'll be honest, it's never a comfortable sleep, we always have to run everyone out of the living room when we're ready for bed and it still doesn't keep her from waking several times a night. It's also tough for ever accomplishing things, as I can't move or I'll wake her. It's rough when Henry wakes up in the morning wanting breakfast and to watch cartoons. And I miss Sean. Man do I miss him. I miss sleeping with him and laughing until we falling asleep with him and you know, all that other stuff. ;) 
None of this is easy, but I see this little face and I'm reminded that this is just a phase. 
She's my last baby. The snuggles won't last forever, her constantly sleeping on me won't last forever and she won't nurse forever. She won't want just me forever. Babies change so much and so do their habits. In 6 months things will be totally different. They grow so fast. And even if she's still sleeping with me in 6 months I'll continue snuggling her and reminding myself that she needs me. Although, I pray she's sleeping in her crib by then and by some miracle her and Henry are both sleeping through the night in their shared room. I PRAY! :) 
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