Tuesday, April 25, 2017

{Bubbles In The Woods}

I took some photos of my beautiful friends over the weekend. They're pretty much my favorite family ever and they make the cutest babies. Jack is one of Henry's best friends and I'm sure Luce and Charlotte will grow up to be bestie as well. :) These pictures were definitely for practice so they're nothing fancy, but any picture can look good with a gorgeous family! I wish Henry would've been with me, he would've had a blast playing in the bubble with Jack and Charlotte. Listen to all those old world names, Jack, Charlotte, Henry & Luce. I love it! Great minds think alike. ;) 
I'm also pretty excited because next month I'll be putting my apron back on to make some yummy tacos for Char's 2nd birthday! Tacos for all! Ha!
Anyway, on to the pictures...
Melissa Loren

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