Thursday, April 27, 2017

Family Day + Freezing Moo Review

We had a fun family day and I had to share! It wasn't anything crazy but we love Scheels and there's this ice cream place that I've been dying to try and we finally did! Freezing Moo! It's a yummy little place where they roll your ice cream! They have a ton of yummy base flavor options and you get to pick one and then add three toppings. The experience is worth it. It's quick, but it's fun to watch and fun for the kids. It's different and I like it. Plus it really was tasty. Henry was a huge fan, so we'll be going back! ;) It's in Overland Park, 135th-ish, but worth the drive for those of us east of the state line! I made a little video out of my snaps so y'all could see what it was all about...
Totes worth a cheat & totes going back!
Melissa Loren

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