Wednesday, April 12, 2017

{Round Two}

Well, I've finally gotten the all clear from my doctor. I had my 6 week postpartum checkup and she's released me to workout and start living again! Six weeks may seem a little rushed for some, but I'm ready for some routine and normalcy. I need one thing to be for me and to have a positive impact on me mentally. Getting some exercise and my body back to normal will be good for me. I'm not aiming for perfect, or anywhere near it, I just don't want to let it get away from me. Plus, with breastfeeding, there can't be anything wrong with eating as healthy as possible, right?! While I've mentioned breastfeeding, some people have shared their concerns about milk supply while working out. While everyone is different, my OB says it all has to do with hydration. As long as I stay hydrated and eat well I'll be fine. Since I actually started this post a couple of weeks ago, I can say that I've started my "diet" and workouts with what seems to be a peak in my supply-ha. I'm working with a high(er) fat meal plan to keep my supply up and healthy and I'm more than diligent about making sure I drink at least a gallon of water a day. I can also say that working out and eating well (almost) 8 weeks postpartum is no picnic. I was down and out with strep so I have a residual cough from that, plus sis still rolls over to latch on and nurse as she pleases all throughout the night, *and* my body is just still recovering from the literal labor and all of the junk I put it through. I was probably the healthiest I've ever been when I got pregnant and I let it all go to waste. A year off can really kill your body. Which is exactly why I'm so ready to get back to where I was. I know it won't be as easy this time around. In fact I just had to squeeze my workout in during Luce's morning nap and I had to hope and pray she didn't wake up during it. Meanwhile I had Henry running around playing super heroes and asking me to be Hulk Smash. All while I'm using two 2 pound natural peanut butter containers for weights because for now I can only workout at home and I have zero equipment lol. Sis still won't take a bottle, so the chance to sneak out to a gym is a ways off. If that isn't commitment, I don't know what is!
I'm definitely my own motivation, I was proud of how far I made it on my own last year (making your own meals and workouts and seeing progress isn't easy!), but I won't lie, I have a little extra momma inspiration this year. Jessie James Decker is #momgoals for me. Not to mention all of the other mommas I'm surrounded by that are just killing it. Chyleina, Tiffani, Dani, Kelly, Kristin, I see you all. Keep it up! 
Of course I'll be adding a few of my AdvoCare products again (I know, roll your eyes, but the products really did help me and keep me motivated. I wouldn't advocate something I didn't believe in!). If you're new to the products or it has been a while since you've used them go ahead and reach out to me. And if you have zero interest just keep me in mind when other people talk about AdvoCare. I want to be your girl when it comes to products, the one that comes to mind when it is mentioned. Referrals are a huge help and greatly appreciated! I linked my site in pink and on the sidebar if you want to check anything out. :-*
I'm not posting any before pics (yet), I'm still a little embarrassed by them. I'm a proud momma with stretch marks and a belly that held two beautiful babies, but the hormones are still flowing. ;) I'm still a little sensitive, so I'll wait until I've made some progress before showing those photos!
Summer is coming, who else is all in for getting healthy and fit?!
Join me!
Melissa Loren

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