Friday, April 14, 2017

{That Spring Time Feeling}

You know those days you have as a mom (or even not as a mom) where you think you just can't take anymore? You're sleep deprived. The kids had opposite nap schedules. You had to make a miracle of your workout. You barely had time to eat, etc. We all know those days, right? That was my Wednesday. I was so exhausted, I needed to shower and the kids just wouldn't cooperate. There's that saying that God never gives you more than you can handle though, and they also say that somehow your babies know when you can't handle anymore and they give you a little reprieve. Which is where Thursday comes in. The weather was GORGEOUS. I promised myself I would leave this house, grab a coffee and not worry about nap schedules or getting ready and I'm SO VERY GLAD that I did! I took the kids to the park and Henry had a blast. We were alone at the park, but he still had so much fun shooting bad guys and smashing bugs (he's all boy!). Sis slept the entire time in the stroller and since we had the park to ourselves, I felt inclined to squeeze in my workout. I put Pandora on and got to work. I had to improvise and push the stroller here and there and shoot bad guys with Henry, but that made the time fly and made the workout more enjoyable. I am convinced that coffee, 70 degree weather and a good workout can fix anything. Yesterday was beautiful and it lifted my spirits tenfold. Days like yesterday are so good for my soul. They make me a better mother. A more patient and kind, attentive mother. It will be a goal of mine this summer to enjoy the beautiful outdoors as much as possible. No getting sucked into the monotony of motherhood or being too lazy and making excuses. I'm determined to focus on being positive and healthy! Now if these rainy days can just go away, although I know we need it!
 Speaking of being healthy, I'm starting my challenge and a challenge group soon! I'd love for anyone to join us. Even if you're not interested in a full challenge, I love several of the products and highly recommend them-Spark, Catalyst, Clear Mood, Probiotics, Protein Shakes. If you haven't tried them or it's been a while, contact me!
Melissa Loren

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