Sunday, May 21, 2017

{Daddy's Girl & Momma's World}

When I was a little girl, I was born into my mother's maiden name, since no one was there to declare me as their own. A couple of years later I was lucky enough to gain a "bonus dad," whom quickly became my father when he stepped up to the plate as someone else stepped down. That should be irrelevant to this post, but I can't help but have an admiration for Sean as a man, and the father that he is. I never doubted him, but it's beautiful to see it all come to life. He was there with me every step of the way during my pregnancy. He slept on the miserable foldout couch at the hospital the night before I gave birth. He held my hand , gave me strength during delivery and cut Luce's umbilical cord. He works hard everyday, so that I can care for Luce and Henry at home. He comes home and loves on his little girl not only so I can cook dinner or take a shower, but because he doesn't have the luxury of spending his days with her. I feel like all of this should go without saying, but the truth is, it's not always like this, not everyone steps up to the plate. And I love to watch him love her. I can't wait to watch him fall more in love with her and watch her become daddy's little girl.
I give him flack from time to time, because being a stay at home mom can make you feel like you bear the weight of the world and it's caving in on you. We never clock out, after all. We're a team though and it takes each of us doing our part. And I know that he'll always be here to do his part. He'll be here to keep her safe when the boogie man shows up. To drink tea with her and her dolls. To teach her how to change the oil in her car. To kiss the boo boos and tell her to get back on, the first time she learns to ride a bike. To cheer her on at her first basketball game, dance recital or her first debate. To protect her, the first time a boy breaks her heart. To make her laugh when she's having a hard time with the girls at school. To dance with her on her wedding day. To encourage her and be there for her when she has our grand babies. I know you'll always be there. And how sweet it will be to be the one who gets to watch her grow up loving and admiring her father. ❤️
Thank you for loving our girl, for loving Henry, for letting me practice taking pictures, and most of all for loving me, even after all these years.
We love you and we appreciate you!
Melissa Loren

I mean no wonder he loves her, who can say no to that pouty lip? 😉

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