Tuesday, May 16, 2017

{He's Feeling 22}

Henry Harper. Where do I begin? This one is officially three and a half now. He is Mr. Personality, all smiles and all sass. He talks all the darn time. I swear he loves the sound of his own voice. He loves telling stories in the back seat or sharing his dreams from the night before. Most of the time he's the definition of 'all boy,' playing in the dirt, smashing bugs, making play guns out of sticks, and just itching to be outdoors all of the time. Other times you will catch him begging for you to play his favorite song, "22," by Taylor Swift. Which, I kid you not, he knows almost all of the words to. I can hear him now..."It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters..." 
I'm pretty sure he picked this one up from his dad which is actually hilarious and no surprise. I've caught him rolling his eyes at me a few times and he's used the words 'whatever, mahm,' but at the end of the night he still needs his Bobby the Bobcat & Bandit and to hold hands. Sometimes I catch myself putting pressure on him to be a big boy. It's just that at times he seems so grown and big with a baby around. I mean he wears boxers now! However, the truth is, he's still just a babe himself. He's still learning to navigate his feelings, and even life with a new baby sister. He still needs "hugs and kisses," and wants to share every moment with his momma. He shows small moments of jealousy and never wants to be left out. I can't say I blame him, I'm a bit needy myself and love a good cuddle sesh.
But he also wants to get in and out of the Jeep by himself, carry his own backpack and get dressed by himself. He's all boy when it comes to these things though, takes him 20 minutes to get dressed by himself, 30 if the t.v. is on. HA!
I love my big boy. Really he helps *me* navigate through life. He's right by my side helping me day after day. I honestly don't know what I'd do without his help. He tells me when I need to be patient (all sass I tell ya) and tells me not to cry and that it'll be ok if I'm ever upset.
This boy has so much compassion and heart for a three year old. Just the kindest boy.
Yesterday we went to the park and went for a little hike. It was our lucky day, we saw a crane, several ducks & geese, turtles(see if you can spot the turtles on a log) and even some snakes (eeek!)! Henry is my little model, but I think he's been helping me too much. He's starting to ask to take the pictures, which is so cool, but I need his handsome face! Next up, a few pictures of our adventure...
Not pictured: Sis strolling (literally) with us and the wonderful photo Henry took of me in front of the waterfall. He took an awesome photo, I just wasn't really feeling myself. :-p
Melissa Loren

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