Monday, May 15, 2017

{Mother's Day Weekend}

It was lazy and full of food and family, all of the things I love! I was showered with flowers, cards, coffee and gift cards to get my hair and nails done. Other than a clean house or a full night's rest, what more could a mom want?! ;) Henry told me that I make the best corn ever and Luce giggled for the first time this, I'd say that sums up a pretty awesome Mother's Day weekend. Of course the weekend really revolved around the kiddos. Donuts and the park for Henry and all the naps and snuggles for Luce. There really isn't any days off for mommas, but I know most of us wouldn't have it any other way! Thank you Sean, Henry, Luce and my parents for making this a special weekend for me! I took way too many photos this weekend, but isn't it boring without pictures to help tell the story?
I practiced some picture taking with my handsome model, we watched our niece play volleyball and visited Sean's mom. Not pictured is the amazing lunch we had with my parents, or any pics of them. I'll have to make up for that next time! 
I hope everyone enjoy their weekend!
Melissa Lorens

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