Thursday, May 18, 2017

{Three Months of Luce}

She's just the happiest and the most content.
Don't get me wrong, she's still a baby.
We still don't take a bottle or paci (should I just write this off by now?), we still nurse 24/7 and when it's bedtime-it's bedtime!

Around 7 pm every night, sis is done and begging for snuggles and a good nursing sesh. This was awesome with Henry, because then I had the rest of the night to myself to get caught up on whatever I wanted, or SLEEP, alone! Sis needs me though. She's my last though, so I'll soak it up. Although I do consider trying her crib all the time. I know for a fact that it would require a little cry it out though. It would be no easy task. She 3 months now, so she now has what it takes for crying it out, but it's so harsh. I did a little cry it out with Henry, but he'd already been sleeping on his own for so long so it wasn't nearly as bad. Has anyone else cried it out, let me know your thoughts/methods!

I'm going to guess that Luce is over 13 pounds, but I won't know her exact weight until her next appointment in June.

She can roll over from tummy to back *and* from back to tummy, and she loves it. If you lay her down and walk away for a second you'll come back to her halfway across the room. 😂

She gets tired of her carseat quickly, which kills me because we're always on the go and that's the only way I could ever get bubba to sleep.

She's still talking more and more. I'm going to guess that she'll be an earlier talking, she's already trying so hard. It seems like she is, anyway!

She's starting to get great control of her neck muscles.

She smiles nonstop. She'll give a stranger a smile.

I'm thinking she's going to keep her baby blues. Daddy has the prettiest blue eyes and I think she's going to take after him.

She is too big for her 3m clothes and is quickly outgrowing some 3-6 month clothes.

She recently found her hands and she loves playing with them and watching them work. She also learned how to grip my shirt tight while snuggling/nursing and it's my favorite.

Want to know what else is my favorite milestone? GIGGLES! She giggled for the first time last week and I teared up on the spot. It's crazy how the smallest moments truly are the best.
I still just melt and swoon over this girl. I have my hard days (mommin' aint easy), but she's happy and fun to be around. I love being her momma. 
Melissa Loren

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