Tuesday, May 9, 2017

{Weekend Fun}

We finally got a weekend full of beautiful weather and I had a kinds of plans lined up for us! I wanted  to browse KC and hit all the hot events. First Fridays, Strawberry Swing Festival and maybe even find a patio for lunch. Sis had other plans though. She was not having any of it. We made it to the West Bottoms for First Fridays, but we were only there long enough for me to finally get the Love Letters KC shirt that I've been wanting (I guess you could call that a win though). She was hating the carrier and was just not feeling it. I wanted to try the Strawberry Swing Festival, but I knew it would be the same situation and we knew she was tired, so a nice patio lunch was out of the question. SO, we drove because usually she's fine in her car seat and does her best napping there. We drive for a while almost every weekend so Sean said, "Why don't we drive to the lake?" Ummmm OK haha. And we did! We found us a fun place to eat with lake views. Sis slept most of the way down there so she gave us a little time to enjoy ourselves and take in the weather and views. Enough time to make the 2.5 hour drive worth it. ;) We headed home after soaking up all that we could, but sis must not have been ready to go. She cried the entire way home. Yes, 2.5 hours. #PARENTLIFE We survived of course and the silver lining is that she crashed as soon as she got home and only woke up to nurse once that night! 
On Sunday we had a yummy steak dinner at my parents to celebrate my Dad's birthday. He was so stoked that I had found the time to bake him a homemade pineapple upside down cake. He doesn't require much to make him happy. :) And now a few pics from our weekend...
Melissa Loren

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