Monday, June 26, 2017

{Big Brother, Little Sister}

I really try not to complain about being a mom, but sometimes when the toddler is demanding mac and cheese with his dinner (even though you know he won't touch it) and refusing to eat the rest of his dinner without it and the baby is fussing relentlessly in the background it's just hard not to. Let me tell you, I told the toddler that we didn't have any mac and cheese (sure, I was being lazy) and he straight turned into a troll. Not the cute colorful kind either. So what did I do? I made the mac and cheese. Let my dinner get cold and stood there rushing to get it done so he could start the rest of his dinner. I serve him said mac and cheese and sit down to eat my cold dinner. What's next you ask? In the whiniest, tear-filled, most dramatic voice ever, "But you didn't get me a driiiiiiiink!!!!" WELL, for fox sakes, I haven't had anything to drink all damn day because tiny humans who act just like me are dictating my life!!!!!!! EL OH EL. It's time for this momma to get a B R E A K!!! Four months is too long to have people in your personal space 24/7. I know some of you mommas have to feel me?! Also, why didn't anyone tell me that the toddler jealousy would get worse as the baby got older?? He didn't give a thought about it when we brought Luce home. It's now that she's able to "talk," interact and play a little. Woof! Talk about spreading yourself thin to make sure all the love goes around. Henry is so awesome and so understanding, but he's also become very needy and wants to do everything the baby does. I try to remember that he's only 3, he's actually not *that* big yet. He's still a little guy with big emotions. I try to be patient and learn as we go, but I'll admit it's not always easy. I'm sure once I get to sleep through the night again I'll be a little more understanding?! ;)
Melissa Loren

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