Thursday, June 8, 2017


Hey guys! Sorry I've been super MIA, things have just been nuts around here. For one, Henry was so sick last week (Yes, again. When do the daycare germs end?!) and now it has spread to the entire house! Even baby sister, has caught the bug. Luckily I'm nursing her like crazy, so hopefully we can keep the fever part away for her. 🙏🏽 All the prayers for that because I've never had a sick infant and I don't think I can handle that. Seeing one very sick toddler and one infant with a cough and stuffy nose is quite enough for me at the moment. On top of all of that I sold my jeep (tears). I really wanted to get rid of my payment since it was pretty steep and I'm home now. It has been a relief to have lifted a major bill and will get us to our goals *that* much faster, but I've been without a car for way too long now. I think it's been close to 10 days, maybe 14. I have never not had my own car since I turned 16, especially not since I've had kids. It has been tough being stuck at home and sharing the truck with Sean, but I just feel like being picky in this scenario (and for once in my life) is super smart. I've always rushed into buying vehicles, which is why I've always ended up with either a brand new car or insane payments. Other than my first car I've never not had a payment or paid a car off. So it's a huge accomplishment to have sold the jeep and paid it off. Now we just need to find an economical, kid-friendly, gas-saving vehicle at a great price! Easy enough, right?! HA. Thus far it has been pretty tricky, but I'm not settling. I'm going to be smart this time. You'd think being stuck at home would mean more time to blog, but with sick kiddos, Henry staying home from school and trying to align nap time it has been tough. Other than that not much has been going on. I've been taking pics of the kiddos, because obsessed and we did have a family BBQ last weekend which was super fun and nice to get out.
In other random news, I've totally forgotten how to transfer a sleeping baby to a crib, sans swaddle. Why is it so difficult?! Every meme ever made about it is so true. The struggle.
Here's just a few of the pics I've been snapping. I'm super excited to take some photos for friends this weekend!
Hope everyone else is staying germ free and riding in style! ;)
Melissa Loren

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