Saturday, July 1, 2017

{American Greenhouse}

Henry has been so excited for the 4th of July this year! He loves fireworks so much, not playing with them, just watching them. I'm a scaredy cat and a helicopter mom when it comes to the 4th. I can appreciate our independence though and love a good festive shoot! Not to mention hot dogs, watermelon and adult beverages. ;) All it took to get Henry to take some fun photos with me was some Independence Day balloons! He was stoked to pick them out and take photos with them. He also got to pick out some succulents to plant which he thought was pretty cool. We had fun, of course he's 3, so towards the end you'll notice he starts to fizzle out haha. He provided me with all the cheesy poses before his final sizzle. I think my favorite photo is the one where he's pointing at me saying, "No you're silly mama!" See if you can find it.
I had to share this one because this kid is always asking to use my camera on my phone. Which is actually pretty cool. It reminds me that I have some super cool people to stay motivated for and that they're always watching. What a cool thing for them to watch and learn. <3
Melissa Loren

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