Thursday, July 6, 2017

{Luce Colette 4.5 Months}

Most of you have already seen these photos, but I had to document them on the blog anyway. Sean and I had a photoshoot with baby girl a few evenings ago. Partially so I could practice with my camera, but also to document this age. Things with Luce are only getting sweeter. She is happy and giggly all the time. As long as she gets to stick to her routine and gets fed and sleep when she wants it, she stays happy. That smile is infectious and her giggles bring tears to her daddy's eyes. Her eyes get bluer as the days pass and she becomes more and more interested in big brother. Henry is also loving the fact that he can interact with her more and get a response. He will put on a silly show for her and she will just giggle her little heart out. She still sleeps with me at night and nurses off and on all night, but she's starting to give me some decent crib naps where she falls asleep on her own and stays asleep for a while. Small victories, people! 
She loves her daddy which is wonderful for many reasons. The obvious, but also the fact that he can give me a break from time to time! Also, so he can help get big ol smiles while I'm behind the camera! ;) 
Luce you're a doll. You're sugar and spice. You're everything that our family asked for.
Melissa Loren

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