Thursday, August 17, 2017

{6 Months of Luce}

How did this happen? Her new baby scent is gone, long gone for that matter. Her startle reflex is gone. Her willingness to fall asleep at the breast is gone. Her tight fists and bobbly head have disappeared. Her rapid breathing and baby acne faded months ago. Her coos have grown into raspberries and giggles. 
It's happening, right before my eyes. 
She's already transitioning into a tiny human, from a tiny newborn baby. I've ran this marathon before, but this time it isn't brand new, or much of a marathon. It feels more like a sprint this time, a hundred meter dash. I recognize the signs, and the speed at which things are happening this time around. I see it when she sits up. I see it when I see her push *herself* up into a sitting position. I see it when she's army crawling around the living room or swan diving to get one more yogurt bite from me. I see it has she studies my hands ever so intently as we sing Pat-A-Cake. She's studies me, taking in every movement, processing it, storing it. I feel it when I walk into another room and she cries, almost as if she's saying mama, because she now realizes when I'm away. I feel it when I pick her up and she squeezes her arms tight around my neck. I feel it when all 15.5 pounds of her is in my lap, nursing, but distracted by what's going on around her.  Those are the times I really notice it. When she's in my arms, doing what she's done from the beginning, only double in size. I stare at her blue eyes (that are clearly staying that gorgeous blue), her long lashes and dirty blonde hair that's really starting to come in now. She grabs her toes and moves them around like a gear shift as she stares up at me adoringly, all while eating. My little peanut it growing up and it's happening so quickly. I'll admit, I'm guilty of still have moments of wishing some of it away. Being a momma is so hard at times. But it dawned on me today, how quickly everything is happening. She's my last. Never again will I get to hold my newborn baby in my arms or buy size 1 diapers. The days are long, but the years are short. This is it. 
Happy half a year, baby girl! Here's to enjoying, embracing, documenting and cherishing the next six months!!!

Luce is 15.5 pounds and 26.5 inches.
She loves trying new foods, unless it's peas or mashed bananas.
She has one tooth.
She's such a giggle box. She has started randomly laughing at herself.
She sits up in the bath and loves to splash. 
I can only leave the room if brother is by her side.

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