Monday, August 7, 2017

{At Home With Us}

When your friend is putting herself out there in the photography world, like yourself, and asks you to help out by being models, you oblige. Because like I keep saying, practice makes perfect! Friends helping friends, pushing one another and encouraging one another is what this world needs more of! Amy is the same friend who helped me bring my Tree Farm photoshoot to life last year. I knew exactly what I wanted, I just needed a photographer. They turned out to be some of my favorite photos. 
I loved the idea of a Lifestyle shoot, because let's face it, this is us in our truest form these days. We're always at home, always in comfy clothes and always playing with the kiddos. This is what life is about once you have kiddos-at least while your kiddos are small. PJs, cookies in the oven and abundant laughter. Sometimes it can feel a little mundane, but one day we'll look back and realize that these were the good days. <3
Melissa Loren

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