Friday, August 4, 2017


I swear there just isn't enough hours in a day! Trying to find time to raise children, eat, workout, be a good spouse, it's just insane. It doesn't help that my night ends at 7 pm sharp with this crazy little girl. I've also had several photoshoots and have several more planned. Which is crazy exciting(super duper exciting), but it definitely turns me into more of a work from home mom. Between time for edits and finding help to watch the kids while I shoot, I'm staying busy! I love it though, so I'm absolutely not complaining! That's why things have been a little more quiet around here though. Forgive me! Here's a little bit of what has been keeping me busy(other than my kids)...
In random news, Henry is wearing a size NINE shoe, always shooting all the bad guys and is now telling me when he's tired and ready for a nap! Luce has a tooth, is sitting all the way up and days away from crawling!
Thanks for sticking with me, friends!
Melissa Loren

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