Monday, August 21, 2017

{Time For Change}

Hey guys! I just wanted to keep you in the loop and update you on what's going to be going on around here. I will slowly being changing Love Like Johnny and June to Harper & Colette. It will share more about my photography, but the blog name is also changing for obvious reasons. My kids are my world and this blog revolves around them. It just makes sense to make the shift. I'm really ready to dive into this and *make* it something! I'm being extremely proactive and taking myself seriously. I'm realizing as I get older that anything is possible, IF you go for it. No one can tell you no, but you. You only have one life to live and you might as well live it doing something you're passionate about. I'm ready to start living. To start working. To start pushing boundaries. So bear with me as we make this shift and go all in!
And thank you to those who have been so incredibly supportive and encouraging! It goes without saying that it means the absolute world to me!
I'm going to link my Pinterest page where I've started pinning some of my photos and also my Facebook page which will slowly convert as well!

Melissa Loren

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