Thursday, September 28, 2017

{And Sometimes The Stars Align}

Guys, both of my kids are the same time. And get this, they've made it a pretty regular thing. You guys know that feeling, when the stars align and your children do something at the same time, giving you a pause in your day, a moment of silence, a chance to actually do something for yourself or get caught up on the things that are lagging. Luce has been taking her second nap at the same time that Henry takes his daily nap (yes I'm one of the lucky ones who's toddler still naps), and it has been GLORIOUS for me.
Which brings me to my post today. It hit me today that I'm starting to approach that stage after having a baby where you start to get the hang of things. Finding a routine, figuring out what works for your family, adjusting to two kids, etc. As I walked into the mall this morning with both kids dressed-positively adorably, full makeup on, my hair curled and my outfit all fall-like, I thought to myself, "Look at me, doing this mom of two thing!" Which may sound ridiculous, but I know some of y'all know exactly what I mean. If that's you, you can go ahead and give me two hands in the air and an amen! 🙌🏽 Don't get me wrong, I still look like an {{almost}} 30 year old with two kids just trying to squeeze her stroller through the way-too-narrow aisles of youthful Windsor, with young(er) ladies looking at me like at have three breasts. (But really, don't look at me like an alien just because I'm shopping with a stroller, bleh.)

Anyway, I'm getting off subject and ranting haha. So, I've reached that stage where we've found a schedule. Luce take 3 naps a day, usually around 9:30, 1:00 and 4:00 and Henry takes a nap at 1:00, which is when I get most of my work done. We try and take breaks and hit the park, the mall or meet up with friends in between naps. I've come to terms with the fact that I have to lay down with Luce and nurse her to sleep, I'm no longer dwelling and pouting about it (I know, I adult so well). It works for her, it comforts her and she's healthy, so it is what it is. Once I have her situated, I sneak out and get my big boy ready for bed. We hold hands while we have a little chat, say our prayers and then it's lights out for him. I usually have from about 8:30-10 before Luce wakes to nurse again, and I use that time for me, to work on edits or tidy up around the house. It isn't ideal (some days my mental state could really use some Melissa time), but it's working and my days will only be as good as I allow them to be. So I try to find all the positive that I can, because I've said it a millions times, but the days are long and the years are short. I won't be snuggling these two to sleep forever, so I want to remember it fondly.

I guess the point of this post is to reassure the mamas who feel like they have lost themselves, or that they can't get their sh!t together. No one can have it together all of the time (if you do, teach me your ways), but things will definitely start to fall into place and feel normal again. Eventually. In the meantime, enjoy the ride. Sit back, drink your coffee, learn how to top knot and ENJOY.THE.RIDE, mama!
Melissa Loren

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