Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I have been so bad about updating you guys here. LIFE has just been so busy! For the first time, maybe ever, I am focusing on what I love and trying to make something of it. Nearly all of my time goes into being behind my camera! So much so that I wasn't snapping any day-to-day photos of my kiddos. So the last couple weeks I reminded myself that it's ok to take normal photos of my babies lol, so you guys get to see some of those today. 
I have so many things coming up, so I imagine my time is just going to get slimmer. I will do my best to pop in and share some day to day life around here.
Luce is just still exhausting lol so any free time I have is spent showering or attempting to look like I care about myself HA.
Henry is happy as a bird with a french fry! Was anyone else that mom that swore she'd never let her kid wear characters or dress themselves?! Look at this child...
So much goes out the window when actually become a parent, and for good reason. Your kids love what they love and you want them to be happy! BUT he will definitely be looking sharp for pictures this weekend 😂. PJ day at school can't last forever lol.
Nothing else is really new around here. I'm love watching Luce and Sean together. She has him so wrapped around her finger. She is already a daddy's girl and I love it.
We have pictures this weekend, so I'll be sure to share those when we get them. I also took photos of my gorgeous friend who is launching a new blog! I'll send you her way when it launches!
Melissa Loren

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