Wednesday, September 6, 2017

{Welcome To The Ozarks}

Last week Sean was on vacation so we decided to take a mini road trip to Branson. I say mini because we only stayed one night. We got there early Monday morning and left Tuesday afternoon. We originally wanted to drive to Colorado for several days, but Luce is miserable in the car for long periods of time. She only sleeps for short periods and is only happy for a bit, then she just wants to be OUT of the car seat. So we knew even the 3.5 hour trip to Branson was a stretch. Monday morning we arrived at Silver Dollar City to see what it was all about and so Henry could ride all the rides. Of course little man was sick, so he wasn't at his best, but he still went nuts for everything. Sean and I tag-teamed riding rides with him and watching Luc. Henry loved it and wasn't ready to leave. After SDC we headed to the hotel to take a break and clean up, then we headed to Branson Landing for some shopping and dinner. Shopping included TY Beanie Boos and candy from the It's Sugar store. 😂 We also enjoyed a fountain/light show on the strip, walked the river and checked out Bass Pro.
Tuesday we woke up bright and early ready to check out the Lost Canyon Nature Trail. Of course they delayed their opening time due to maintenance which was kind of a bummer, but it worked out because we were able to find another pretty awesome trail that followed Table Rock Lake. We saw some lizards and Henry had a blast throwing rocks into the lake. Boys. We knew we really wanted to see the canyon though, so after a bit we headed back that way, and boy was it worth it! It was definitely the best part of our trip and a favorite by all! It was so beautiful and so relaxing. You drive a golf cart through caves, tunnels and over bridges. The views are glorious! Worth a trip! We ended the afternoon with a round of dinosaur mini golf for Henry and headed home. Of course Luce slept for the first 35 minutes and then decided to be a grump butt the rest of the way home. 😰 We survived though, and we'd do it again. The only bad part now is that Luce has Henry's cold and it's twice as hard on her. Praying she shakes this cold quickly and we all don't pass it back and forth.
Here's a few pics from our trip...
Melissa Loren

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